Beer for Beasts

Beer for Beasts

At UNTAMED Brewing Company we take wildlife conservation very seriously. We absolutely love the African bush and the magic that comes along with it. From the small 5 to the big 5, from sunrises to sunsets, from the smell of fresh open wet grasslands to deep raging jungle rivers. There is something about it that is simply unexplainable.

By creating a like minded community of UNTAMED beer lovers, we can actively take a stand to save our wildlife before its gone. This UNTAMED community will be able to enjoy our beers as well as knowing that they have contributed to the conservation of our African Endangered Wildlife.

Our biggest passion at UNTAMED is for the endangered species, specifically the African Wild Dog. With only four remaining populations left in Africa this incredible pack animal inspires us from strong social bonds of friendship and family to precision accuracy in combined activities such as specialised brewing.

We strive to make a difference in maintaining these incredible creatures, so we are proud to be partnering up with specific organisations that focus on Wild Dog Conservation and are committed to support their conservation through our other main passion… BEER! By offering 50 cents from every beer sold, that means that that YOU make a difference with every beer you buy… saving wildlife one beer at a time!

We have therefore partnered up with Painted Dog Conservation Inc (Australia). They provide support to numerous wildlife conservation projects, one of them being Painted Dog Conservation Project in Zimbabwe which we are donating towards.

Endangered African Wild Dogs are the flagship species of PDC’s work and organisation, and a priority species for conservation. With their unique and striking appearance, their intelligence and their highly interactive and caring nature, wild dogs are truly one of the most unique species alive today. However, listed as Africa’s second most endangered large carnivore, they are in desperate need of our help and protection.

Support us by purchasing any one of our beers knowing that 50 cents is being donated towards this essential project.

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