Our Beer Ranges

Our Beer Ranges

Our hand-crafted beers are specifically designed and brewed from an all-malt mash with distinct high-quality ingredients keeping them pure, wholesome and full of flavour. We brew for beer lovers across the globe based on our core passion for wildlife and wildlife conservation. We take this passion into account and brew to add these flavours and aromas in reminiscence of the wild African bush.


Amber Ale. This very well-rounded beer is somewhat malt forward without being sweet, with caramel and toasted grain flavours shining through, with the earthy Chinook hop notes adding to the backbone...

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Pale Ale. Fruity, Juicy and Crisp! This is a lighter more hop forward version of the style but still benefiting from the bready flavours of the kindled malts, with the Citra hops dominating with those citrusy/juicy flavours...

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Young, fresh crispy beers for the urban wildlife lover.


Designed and specifically brewed to your taste and designed for your business. Contact us for more information.


Focussing on the conservation of specific endangered wildlife.

Speciality / Seasonal

Bringing you beers from the Wild and Untamed side of beer brewing.